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In all  activities, HIL draws on its well-established in-house project management skills-base. From the start of every project, HIL pays close attention to the detailing of building works.

Food Production Areas

As the food industry meets the challenge of prolonging product shelf life, there is also a growing demand to raise production standards in the food industry. To guarantee a controlled and pathogen free environment according to GMP standards, now requires managing rapid and extreme temperature changes throughout the various production stages. HIL Installation provides fully hygienic panels for an array of varying production rooms within a manufacturing industry.


Temperature and air quality-controlled facilities, such as  coldstores, have specific design requirements which are essential for maintaining a consistent internal environment and preserving unstable products being manufactured and stored within. Specifying materials for constructing this kind of environment can be complicated, with the products and systems selected needing to have demonstrated that they can meet strict standards for a variety of regulations.


Composite panels have been used very successfully for internal walls and to compartmentalise fire within many structures. With high fire resistance they limit the spread of flames from one area to another, reducing the potential for loss and increasing safety for occupants and the emergency services. Internal walls built with our panels are lightweight, highly fire resistant and extremely flexible. With finished facings on both sides they are an excellent alternative to more conventional masonry or concrete block walls.


5000m2 fit out

Distribution, Freezer, Chiller and Dry Goods Area

Armthorpe, Doncaster

1400m2 - 125mm thick wall Panels 

60minute fire rating installed

HIL Installations (HIL) provides comprehensive passive fire control walls up to 4hrs and in a variety of finishes. HIL offer a complete management facility and a selection of packages right down to cost management of the design, installation and warranties. With that level of commitment, HIL offer quality driven projects that clients and contractors can be assured will comply with the most stringent of regulations. Panels are sourced from UK and European suppliers to provide easier logistics and regularity of supply.

Smithy Wood Business Park

730 m2 - 150 mm thick walls & Ceilings

120 Minute Fire Rating

New Distribution Line

2415m2 – 100mm & 125mm thick walls & ceilings

60 Minute Fire Rating

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